How You Can Help Protect Apes
Donate to organizations that are working to protect apes and their forest homes.
To protect the orangutan's forest home, purchase products that are made with
sustainable palm oil
Recycle your
cell phone
and other electronics to protect apes and their forest habitats.
Write to your state representative in support of the Great Ape Conservation Fund.
Purchase Conservation Stamps from your local post office;
a portion of proceeds goes to conservation funding for great apes.
Protect the forests that apes call home by choosing wood and paper products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Look for the FSC logo on products at your local hardware store.
Express your concern about the use of apes in entertainment by writing a letter to companies that use apes for advertising and entertainment.
Planning a wildlife vacation to see apes in their natural habitat? Choose organizations that are practicing responsible
eco-tourism and protecting apes.
Purchase forest friendly products like shade grown coffee and items made from sustainable bamboo to protect apes and their forest homes.
Do not purchase a primate as a pet and tell others about the dangers of keeping primates as pets.
Learn more about palm oil and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
Write to your state representatives encouraging strict laws prohibiting primates as pets.
"Adopt" an ape at your local AZA accredited zoo or through a conservation organization.
Host a sustainable palm oil bake sale or car wash and donate the proceeds to an ape conservation organization.
Read a book or watch a wildlife documentary on TV to learn more about apes and share what you learn with friends and family.
Do not purchase products that use apes as photographic props such as greeting cards with chimpanzees or orangutans on them.
Instead of giving gifts, donate to an ape conservation organization in honor of your friends and family.
Visit your local AZA accredited zoo to learn more about apes and how you can help protect them.
Volunteer at a local zoo or primate sanctuary to help care for apes and other wildlife.




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