The Ape Taxon Advisory Group

Apes- bonobos, chimpanzees, gibbons/siamangs, gorillas, and orangutans- are found in 120 Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited institutions. The primary mission of the AZA's Ape Taxon Advisory Group (Ape TAG) is to coordinate the management of these five taxa within AZA zoos.

Specifically, the Ape TAG works with the individual ape Species Survival Plan (SSP®) programs to ensure that ape populations in accredited zoos are properly managed to secure their long-term future and physical and psychological health.

Additionally, the Ape TAG makes recommendations for how ex situ populations of apes may most effectively serve as ambassadors to educate zoo visitors and contribute to the conservation of their wild counterparts.

Apes need our help.
The AZA Ape TAG Conservation Initiative serves to coordinate efforts among AZA zoos to protect wild apes.
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to visit apes,
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