The Ape TAG assists AZA facilities in prioritizing research requests by reviewing proposals for approval or endorsement.

All proposals should use the AZA Standardized Research Application Form and be submitted to Proposals are reviewed by the Ape TAG research committee within one month.

Currently endorsed and approved projects:

Project & Submission InfoPI / InstitutionStatusValid Until
Great Ape Heart ProjectMurphy / Detroit Zoological SocietyEndorsedLong-term
Great Ape Neuroscience ProjectSherwood / GWUEndorsedLong-term
The impact of latitude and climate on life history variables in zoo-
housed great apes
Finestone / MPI – Science of Human HistoryApprovedMay 2023
Investigating the Composition of the Milk of ApesPower / Smithsonian National ZooApprovedJune 2023
Open Ape Studio: Automated Pose-tracking in ApesHayden / University of Minnesota
Dr. Jan Zimmerman – UMN
Dr. Hyun Soo Park – UMN
Project Manager: Rebecca Richardson, Emory University, Yerkes NPRC
ApprovedFeb 2024
time in human and non-human primates
Charvet / Ofori, Delaware State UniversityApprovedFebruary 2024
The role of language in the evolution of imaginationGannon / University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Dr Adriano Lameira / University of Warwick, United Kingdom
ApprovedMarch 2024
Multi-institutional Evaluation for Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria in
Captive Bonobos
Olds / Saboda, Iowa State University College of Veterinary MedicineApprovedJune 2024
Measuring Respiration Frequency in Chimpanzees and Gorillas in ZoosCallison / Wrangham, Harvard UniversityApprovedJune 2024
Perceptions of Responsibility and Implementation of Cognitive Enrichment by Zoo Staff for Non-Human Primates in Zoo SettingsToth / Central Washington UniversityApprovedDec 2024
last updated 12/19/2022

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